Metal processing

  • Electric arc melter (7 melting cavities, melting temperature up ~3000 C)
  • Induction heater furnace
  • Tube furnace
  • Muffle furnaces
  • Electric rolling press
  • Manual rolling mill
  • High energy vibratory ball mill
  • Grinding/Polishing machine
  • Desktop high speed diamond cut-off saw


  • Customized Fiji F200 Gen2 plasma atomic layer deposition equipped with a UNIlab Pro Mbraun glove box workstation for the transfer of air-sensitive materials
  • 3 Fume hoods
  • Clean bench laminar flow hood
  • Schlenk line
  • Argon-filled double size glove box (UNIlab Pro Mbraun glove box workstation)
  • Argon-filled regular size glove box (UNIlab Pro Mbraun glove box workstation)
  • Lab balances
  • Cole-Parmer® MPR Centrifuge with fixed-angle rotor
  • 6 hot plates
  • Branson ultrasonic cleaner

Assembly and Testing

  • 16-Channel potentiostat with EIS capability (Bio-Logic / Model VMP300)
  • 2-Channel potentiostat (Bio-Logic / Model SP300)
  • 16-Channel Battery testing system (LBT21084 – ARBIN)
  • Customized Scion 456 Gas Chromatographic System (Capability: detection of CO2, CO, H2O vapor, methanol vapor, methane, H2, O2, formaldehyde, carbonous acid, etc…)
  • Solar simulator
  • 2 Optical tables
  • High-resolution electrochemical dilatometer (Model ECD-nano-DL)
  • Vacuum oven
  • Crimping machine for coin cell battery assembly
  • Disc puncher
  • Spin Coater
  • Rotating Disk Electrode

Microstructure & Phase Characterization

  • Nanoscale characterization equipment, Singh center for nanotechnology
  • Ultra-Small-Angle (USAXS) to Wide-Angle (WAXS) X-ray Scattering instrument with dual Cu and Mo source
  • National lab facilities